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What’s the Summit About?

Freedom Kitchen is a summit created to bring awareness to the most important key to our health: food. At the core of every health issue and healing modality is food, with little support being given to emerging healthy food brands.  


This summit will showcase, and unite:


1. Current leaders in health advocating for healthy food,

2. Emerging healthy food brands, 

3. Family farms that are so integral to our future health.


 A new ecosystem is needed that unites the health advocates with the emerging healthy food producers and the family farms, bringing our awareness to the source of our nourishment. This summit will be consumer-facing, building a list of health “enthusiasts” for our services and products.


If our health is our greatest wealth, then freedom starts in the kitchen. Will you gather in this virtual kitchen, with like-minded health enthusiasts and advocates, to be on the forefront of many emerging healthy brands?


Following this summit, this community will have business opportunities supporting emerging food brands. Let’s secure food freedom by creating a new system.