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Keep it Clean in a World Full of Toxins, Live a Healthier, Happier Life, and Be a Part of Something Amazing...

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Sept 3rd - Sept 5th, 2021


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  • 33 Conscious Cures: Solutions to the 21st Century Pandemics by Donna Maltz

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  • 5 Steps to Better Health Now by Joanna Chodorowska

  • 20 Healing Sweets Recipe Book by Dr. Madiha Saeed

Take the Free Masterclass Sessions to Find Freedom Through Food, Hear How to Nourish Your Body AND Your Soul, and Learn How to Live Like the Future Matters

Because it does.

  • Nourish your body, your mind, and your future- learn simple steps to eat better, feel better, and do better.

  • Detox your ecosystem- find out how to cleanse your kitchen and help your family thrive in a toxic world. 

  • Become a conscious consumer - learn the consequences of our food choices and how we can change the status quo.

  • Join the good food movement- connect with a community that cares about health, humanity, and our children’s future.

  • Learn the threats- find out how the food industry is ruining our children's future, and learn how we can team up to turn this around.

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Who should join?

Health Enthusiasts, Health Advocates, Health Coaches, Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Parents, Educators, Farmers, Foodies, Chefs…

and anyone who cares about the future.

Basically, if you want to know better and do better… 



If you’ve got the courage to take your head out of the sand…



This event is for you.


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Meet Our Speakers

Opening Keynote

Natalia Rose

Certified Nutritionist and Author

Ending Keynote

Donna Maltz

"Mama Donna", CEO Soil to Soul Soulutions/ Author, Retreat Host, Life Transformation Coach


Dr. Lawrence B. Palevsky, M.D.

NYS Licensed Pediatrician

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

Founder of the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology

Mike Collins

Founder and the

Nicole Batiste

Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

Jennifer Wren Tolo

RN, Whole Health Educator, Integrative Nutritionist

Natalie Forstbauer

Founder, Editor-in-Chief Heart & Soil Magazine

Diane Boyko Achatz

Transformational Coaching Method Mastery Health Coach and Certified Life Coach. Specialty Type 2 Diabetes

Angela Cummings

Founder, Healthy Home Coach

Stu Schaefer

Celebrity Weight-Loss Coach

Julie Michelson, NBC-HWC, FMCHC

Autoimmune Wellness Expert

Aimee Carlson

Certified Toxicity & Detox Specialist

Dr. Betsy Greenleaf

DO, FACOOG(Distinguished), FACOG, FAAOPM, MBA -  First Board Certified Female Urogynecologist, Foodie and Fermentationist

Dr. Carol Lourie

Naturopath, Acupuncturist, Homeopath, CEO, The Path of Breast Cancer, An Online Program Providing Integrative Breast Cancer Support

Dr. Madiha Saeed

HolisticMom, MD

Margaret Romero

Eating For Autoimmunity and Health, Nurse Practitioner, Femme Med

Nancy M. Harshfield


Louise Swartswalter

Naturopath, Neuro biofeedback Specialist, Trauma Release

Maia Wilde

Self-Expression & Visibility Coach, Freedom From Emotional Eating Coach & Spiritual Counselor

Jess Sherman


Family Health Educator

Heather Esposito

Holistic Business and Mindset Coach

Jaime Boyachek


Alaina Campbell

Sprouting Expert

Dr. Valencia Porter,


Functional Medicine and Environmental Health Specialist, Author of Resilient Health

Nicole Lyn Pugh


Integrative Nutritional Health Coach, Natural Health Writer

Dr. Marny Turvill

MD - Functional Medicine Physician and Parenting Coach

Sinclair Kennally

CNC, Certified Toxicity Specialist

Katherine Lawrence

Nutritionist & Owner, Food Saved Me

Dr. Aimie Apigian MD, MS, MPH

Functional Medicine Physician, Double-Board Certified in Preventive Medicine and Addiction Medicine

Lana Kirtley

Cert. Integrative Nutrition Health Coach - Adrenal Fatigue

Dr. Linda Lancaster

Energy Medicine Physician

Cooking Segments

Shawn Borup

Healthy Living Coach and Certified Fermentationist

Winona Benson

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

The Holistic Kids

Abdullah, Zain, Emaad and Qasim
The Holistic Kids Podcast

Joanna K Chodorowska

Holistic Sports Nutritionist and Inflammation Expert

Katie Kimball


Ricki McKenna, CN

Certified Nutritionist, Food Is Key to Health

Leah Skurdal

Intuitive Wellness Guide

Cheryl Meyer

Author of 2 award winning books on health

Freedom Kitchen Kids

Message from the Host

Lisa Jendza

Freedom Kitchen transcends time and space to offer cooking classes and education to those ready to eat real food. It is a place for health enthusiasts to gather.


After a decade of teaching holistic health, Lisa could clearly see a need to gather in the kitchen with like-minded individuals. A new ecosystem is needed that organizes resources from health advocates, food producers and farmers to influence the shift to conscious consumerism.


Her teachings of holistic health and nutrition follow yogic principles, starting with ahimsa, or “non-harming.” Similar to the Hippocratic Oath taken by physicians to “first, do no harm.”


It seems so simple, yet somehow we forgot. Regardless of how we got here, it is time to course-correct. Will you join us in the kitchen to live like the future matters?


Freedom Kitchen is a place to gather, to nourish and to love.


Lisa Jendza is a business and health coach who has owned a Wellness Spa and co-founded a Commercial Kitchen/Cooking School. A dynamic change agent and business guru, she cut her teeth in the business world with GM and EDS, leaving a successful career with HP after 25 years, in the fast-paced world of IT Consulting to coach others on holistic health modalities.



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